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Hello All Participants,

The race is less than 1-month away and we are very excited to create a great adventure race on the breathtaking Meili Snow Mountain for each of you!


This year marks a very special year on Meili Snow Mountain. It is said that this sacred mountain was born on the year of the goat, 2015 is the year of the goat and it marks the birth year for Meili Snow Mountain. To Tibetan natives and pilgrims this is very special, to honor and celebrate there are thousands to millions that are making their pilgrimage to Meili Snow Mountain throughout the year. It can take days, weeks and months to complete their pilgrimage journey on foot. 

How does this impact the event? There will be pilgrims at the event location and on the course. On the event weekend we don’t know how many will be there, it could be hundreds to thousands or it could be a smaller group that weekend. It will make for a very special experience that runners will not likely experience again. We advise runners to be mindful and not disturb them as they are doing their pilgrimage. 

The team has been working very diligently to bring everything together for all participants. There have been many challenges to achieve the original plan of camping. To provide everyone with good sleeping arrangements, sanitation, safety, and hot water for bathing after the race.  We have been working closely with local officials and they have strongly advised that this year, due to the pilgrimage, the event should not setup camp as originally planned. 

After careful consideration we have decided the race headquarters will be moved towards Feilai Temple, approximately 40km from the start. Here we will all stay in local lodging.  We know everyone has been excited to camp, however we want to make sure you have a great experience. There are some great benefits that come with this change for this year. Everyone will now be in rooms with beds, plus you’ll have access to showers. 

A very big plus is that we will be across the street from the Meili Snow Mountain lookout deck, and with good weather permitting, everyone will be able to experience the breathtaking sunrise on Sunday morning. This is a very special experience that locals say must be witnessed.  The lodging will be right across the street from the lookout deck and several rooms will even have a direct view of these incredible mountains. 

What about the start/finish line? This will stay at the same location. On race morning everyone will be transported from Feilai Temple to the start line.  The only change is 100k runners, the 100k finish will now be near by Feilai Temple. 21k/42k/50k will finish at the start.  Check the final Course details:

We sincerely appreciate your understanding.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Otherwise we look forward to seeing you at the race!

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* 野营变更公告 *

今年在梅里雪山是非常特殊的一年。这座神圣的山是在羊年出生,2015 年是羊年,它标志着对梅里雪山的出生年份。对世居藏族和朝圣者,这是非常特别的纪念和庆祝,他们ㄧ天以数千计朝圣者到梅里雪山全年朝拜。这是以天、 周和月来完成他们脚上的朝圣旅程。(请添加补充或审略)




在仔细考虑后我们决定迁移营地到香赛竞赛总部大约离起跑线 40公里内近飞来寺旁安排住宿。住宿餐饮包括在注册费内。我们知道每个人都很兴奋去野营,但是我们想要确保你有一个安全经验。此项进行更改只为今年, 明年按原定的计划。好消息是每位都将在房间里有张温暖床,可放行李,再加上有良好洗浴设备。



在相同的位置不变:西当。比赛日上午每个人都从竞赛总部乘坐车程ㄧ小时到起跑线。唯一的改变是100K 完成点将竞在赛总部-飞来寺。

21K/42K/50K 起跑线/终点线在相同的位置不变。查看详细信息:

我们衷心感谢您的理解我们期待着见到你在比赛 !

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