Shangri-La Marathon Video

We are excited to give you a preview of what to expect while running the Shangri-La Marathon & Ultra race. The following video footage was captured by Shangri-La Marathon Ambassador Brendan Smith who joined us on our last scouting trip in the fall at the end of October. Watch the video and enjoy!


Don’t miss out on the Inaugural Shangri-La Marathon & Ultramarathon race. Come run this one-of-a-kind adventure race featuring a very challenging yet rewarding course. The location is absolutely amazing with breathtaking views and sights.  Secure your spot and register today before the race is sold out. Come discover The Lost Horizon and run the Shangri-La Marathon & Ultramarathon!


“The climb up the mountain track was really tough, but hitting the ridge-­‐line and the first glimpse of the snow peaks made it all worth while. It’s a moment I’ll never forget.” Australian adventure runner Brendan Smith.

Special thank you to Ambassador Brendan Smith for joining us on our recent trip to the race location in Shangri-La, China. He captured the video footage with his GoPro and Steadicam Curve.  Be sure to checkout Brendan’s YouTube channel for his other race videos.

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Shangri-La Marathon - The Lost Horizon

Saturday May 21th, 2016

Get ready for a great adventure, a challenging race, a rewarding journey in a magical land, register for the Shangri-La Marathon today and discover The Lost Horizon. Available races:

  • 100K Ultramarathon
  • 50K Ultramarathon
  • 42K Full Marathon
  • 21K Half Marathon

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