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2015 marks a very special year, not only is it the birth year in celebration of the incredible Meili Snow Mountain, but it marks the start of a new world class annual race event with the Inaugural Shangri-La Marathon & Ultra. After months of hard work and preparations, everything is coming together to create a one-of-a-kind adventure race experience that participants will remember for a lifetime. Together we are on the journey to discover the Lost Horizon!

Organizing an adventure race event like this is a huge undertaking that can only be accomplished with the help of an incredible team, volunteers, Ambassadors, affiliates, partners, sponsors, vendors, spectators and local officials.  It is with great honor and appreciation that we thank everyone and all the organizations that who have supported and helped make this happen. An extra special thank you to all the runners participating in the race, this is all for you!

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Partners & Affiliates



Yoke Yuen Chew Malaysia
Lu Yi Yap Malaysia
WoonChin Farm Malaysia
Susannah Shipton United States
Wing Yi Ng Hong Kong
Lu Ying Yap Hong Kong
Chun Kit Lai Hong Kong
Charles Wong Hong Kong
Hiu Tung Law Hong Kong
Paul Young United States
데澹 (Shan Yong) China
Jianya Liu China
Wen Rong Li China
珙쉔틱 China
Janice Law Canada
Yang Yang China
XiaoYan Gu (Shirley) China
Samara Garrett Rickman New Zealand
Bryan Li China
Nombu China


Brendan Smith Australia
Molly Sheridan United States
Chee Song Chan “Zed” Malaysia
Maggie Kim Hong Goh Malaysia
Peter Chan United States
Bertha Estrada Hinojosa Mexico
렘里欽/ Fang Hsuan-Chin Japan
Christopher Ord Australia
Simon Madden Australia


Jenny Majamaki Taiwan/USA
Terry Majamaki Finland/USA
챘靜 “MJ” China
其炤 “Oscar” China

Doding, race mascot

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Shangri-La Marathon - The Lost Horizon

Saturday May 21th, 2016

Get ready for a great adventure, a challenging race, a rewarding journey in a magical land, register for the Shangri-La Marathon today and discover The Lost Horizon. Available races:

  • 100K Ultramarathon
  • 50K Ultramarathon
  • 42K Full Marathon
  • 21K Half Marathon

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