Welcome to Shangri-La Marathon. The premier ultramarathon event that celebrates the fable lands of Shangri-La and the majestic Meili Snow Mountains, or Kawagarbo Mountains as it is known by local residents and pilgrims, part of the grand Himalayan Mountain range. Founded by New Global Adventures part of the same organizers from Yunnan Puzhehei International Marathon, VALENCIA Trail Race, SPACEROCK Trail Race, Sugar Daddy Marathon and volunteers of the Great Wall of China Marathon.

As runners and volunteers who love the great outdoors, our goal is to help develop a series of incredible adventure destination marathons. The Yunnan Puzhehei Marathon taking place in the enchanting Puzhehei lands of the Yunnan province in China. Shangri-La Marathon is the next event and will be the first to feature long distance ultramarathons.

There is something truly magical about these mountains and lands. When in their presence you can’t help but be in awe of the pristine beauty and scale. This race is about creating a one of a kind experience for adventure runners that can only be witnessed by running the trails around the mountains.

We hope you appreciate and enjoy the beauty our planet has to offer, there is nothing quite like being in the moment as your running through natures incredible beauty. We want you to experience it first hand through the Shangri-La Marathon.

Register now to secure your spot and get ready for an incredible journey. We look forward to seeing you at the race!


Our mission is to create a great destination marathon event that provides runners with the opportunity to experience exotic and enchanting locations while running a race. Experience locations, sights and sounds that would not normally be seen by your average traveler. Making for a magical experience that will generate incredible lifetime memories.

We are a small global sports adventure organization that is all about the location, the race, and the runners. Our goal is to make this race experience as seamless as possible so runners can focus on what they do best, run. Seeing the smile on runners face as they cross the finish line, that is our mission.


Another mission, a special one that is near and dear to the heart is Global Adventure Kids, a cause for the establishment of primary schools in rural areas of need. To provide the resources and tools to build new schools, deliver educational materials, tablets and computers. Giving the children in need the power to learn and grow. The first will be in Yu Beng Village of Deqin County, to create a primary school in the near future. By participating in these races, you are helping to contribute to this cause.


While the Shangri-La Marathon is about running an incredible race, there is more to appreciate, experience, and celebrate. Don’t just run the race, but soak in the surrounding beauty of these incredible lands, witness local cultures and traditions. We want runners to have a rewarding journey that they will never forget. The race is the reason why we come, but the experience we get from it makes it a much greater experience.


Organizing a marathon event is a huge undertaking that is accomplished with the help of our volunteer staff. It is with great honor and appreciation that we thank the local authorities, local government, local communities, and all our volunteers, without whose support, this race would not be possible.



Volunteer for Shangri-La Marathon

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