It is with great pleasure to welcome you, the runners, spectators, and volunteers, to the Inaugural Shangri-La Marathon & Ultra.

Bringing you a one-of-a-kind destination adventure race unlike anything else in the world. Taking place on the majestic Meili Snow Mountain, featuring the highest peak in the region, often called Kawagarbo by locals, pilgrims, and Tibetans who worship these sacred virgin mountains. They are part of the grand Himalayan Mountain range in the Yunnan Province of Southern China.

Congratulations on taking what is destined to be a great adventure running experience in your life!



  • AustraliaAustralia
  • Belarus
  • CanadaCanada
  • ChinaChina
  • GermanyGermany
  • Hong KongHong Kong
  • IndonesiaIndonesia
  • MalaysiaMalaysia
  • MexicoMexico
  • NetherlandsNetherlands
  • New ZealandNew Zealand
  • Puerto RicoPuerto Rico
  • PolandPoland
  • QatarQatar
  • Russian FederationRussia
  • SingaporeSingapore
  • South AfricaSouth Africa
  • South KoreaSouth Korea
  • SpainSpain
  • SwitzerlandSwitzerland
  • TaiwanTaiwan
  • United Kingdom (Great Britain)United Kingdom
  • United States of America (USA)United States











Race Number Name Distance Country
100 Maurice Duteau 100K Canada Canada
101 Jochen Horn 100K United States of America (USA) USA
103 Gillsoo Park 100K South Korea South Korea
104 Karin Holzschuher 100K Germany Germany
105 子宏 100K China China
106 Chee Song Chan 100K Malaysia Malaysia
107 Brendan Mason 100K Australia Australia
110 邱奎馨 100K Taiwan Taiwan
111 張智能 100K Taiwan Taiwan
112 黃志銘 100K Taiwan Taiwan
113 賴國源 100K Taiwan Taiwan
114 全江明 100K China China
115 王晓林 100K China China


Race Number Name Distance Country
200 Wolf Kantelhardt 50K Germany Germany
201 Poh Suan Puah 50K Singapore Singapore
202 Andrey Kirikov 50K Russian Federation Russia
13 Maggie Kim Hong Goh 50K Malaysia Malaysia
204 Ler Yong Liang 50K Singapore Singapore
205 Alvin Pang 50K Singapore Singapore
206 Chiu Kui Kam 50K Hong Kong Hong Kong
207 Lukasz Zbigniew Kalota 50K Poland Poland
209 Sook Yee Chan 50K Malaysia Malaysia
210 Yet Li Choke 50K Malaysia Malaysia
211 Kah Yong Kwan 50K Malaysia Malaysia
212 Edward Ong 50K Malaysia Malaysia
213 Kumar Sinatambi 50K Malaysia Malaysia
214 Keir Garrett 50K New Zealand New Zealand
215 周天寶 50K Taiwan Taiwan
216 田馥綱 50K Taiwan Taiwan
217 梁佳莉 50K Taiwan Taiwan
218 王元 50K China China
219 赖长青 50K China China
220 李江 50K China China
221 史飞 50K China China
222 Guan Huat Sim 50K Singapore Singapore
223 Wong Hoo Sim 50K Singapore Singapore
224 Shawn Warren 50K Canada Canada
225 Sie Ping Lau 50K Malaysia Malaysia
226 Cheng Keat Tan 50K Singapore Singapore
227 Siew Lu Chng 50K Singapore Singapore
228 Ingrid Kamphuis 50K Netherlands Netherlands
229 Molly Sheridan 50K United States of America (USA) USA
230 Jake Woodhouse 50K United Kingdom(Great Britain) United Kingdom
231 George Delamain 50K United Kingdom(Great Britain) United Kingdom
232 張煥森 50K Taiwan Taiwan
233 陳為吉 50K Taiwan Taiwan
234 黃淑禎 50K Taiwan Taiwan
235 張宗騫 50K Taiwan Taiwan
236 洪秋吉 50K Taiwan Taiwan
237 李明德 50K Taiwan Taiwan
238 李桂芳 50K Taiwan Taiwan
239 范明鐘 50K Taiwan Taiwan
240 Andes Leung 50K Hong Kong Hong Kong
241 李振春 50K Taiwan Taiwan
242 顏慶芳 50K Taiwan Taiwan
243 陳邦堅 50K Taiwan Taiwan
244 黃冠凱 50K Taiwan Taiwan
245 王坤樹 50K Taiwan Taiwan
246 鄭博文 50K Taiwan Taiwan
247 湯有聖 50K Taiwan Taiwan
248 陳國明 50K Taiwan Taiwan
249 吳沛融 50K Taiwan Taiwan
250 Henry Hudson-Evans 50K United Kingdom(Great Britain) United Kingdom
251 Brendan Smith 50K Australia Australia
252 Prem Kumar Ramadas 50K Malaysia Malaysia
253 Tyler Harlan 50K United States of America (USA) USA
254 Poi Yee Lim 50K Malaysia Malaysia
255 Teck Khing Lee 50K Singapore Singapore
256 Man Ling Maria Chan 50K Hong Kong Hong Kong
257 Chi Leung Li 50K Hong Kong Hong Kong
258 Hon Shing Tse 50K Hong Kong Hong Kong
259 Poon Kim Man 50K Hong Kong Hong Kong
260 William Moss 50K United Kingdom(Great Britain) United Kingdom
261 Ruo Fei Cheah 50K Malaysia Malaysia
262 Stanley Hiu 50K Malaysia Malaysia
263 Wai Hoong Yip 50K Malaysia Malaysia
264 Ming Tat Chan 50K Singapore Singapore


Race Number Name Distance Country
300 Santih Gunawan 42K Indonesia Indonesia
303 Bradley Lamb 42K New Zealand New Zealand
304 Misty Tyler 42K United States of America (USA) USA
306 Shawn Larsen 42K United States of America (USA) USA
307 Yves Clerc 42K Switzerland Switzerland
308 Edward Ray 42K United States of America (USA) USA
309 林钢 42K China China
310 殷育傑 42K Taiwan Taiwan
311 闫志平 42K China China
312 Bertha Estrada Hinojosa 42K Mexico-icon Mexico
313 Jeffrey Fong 42K New Zealand New Zealand
314 Sing Khean Hah 42K Malaysia Malaysia
318 Charles de Carvalho 42K Netherlands Netherlands
319 Salvador Martinez Igarza 42K Spain Spain
320 Nicolle Justus 42K United States of America (USA) USA


Race Number Name Distance Country
400 Esty Wulandari 21K Indonesia Indonesia
401 Megan Corry 21K New Zealand New Zealand
402 Shanaz Shamsuddin 21K Malaysia Malaysia
403 Chen Feng Tsai 21K Malaysia Malaysia
404 Ian McMurray 21K South Africa South Africa
405 William Webb 21K United Kingdom(Great Britain) United Kingdom
406 Lucy Watson 21K United Kingdom(Great Britain) United Kingdom
407 辜桃君 21K China China
408 王文娟 21K China China
409 Talia Tay 21K Malaysia Malaysia
410 KaiWa Ng 21K Singapore Singapore
411 David Sambolin 21K Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
412 Rosamund Sargisson 21K New Zealand New Zealand
413 Robert Garner 21K United Kingdom United Kingdom
414 Sook Yee Chan 21k Malaysia Malaysia


Yazid Ks Singapore Singapore
Ivan Nikolaenko Belarus-icon Belarus
Catherine Oh Singapore Singapore
Billy Priyanto South Korea South Korea
Yoke Yuen Chew Malaysia Malaysia
ibrahim raifu Qatar-icon Qatar
Siong Chou Lim China China
Lu Yi Yap Malaysia Malaysia
WoonChin Farm Malaysia Malaysia
Shawn Pan Malaysia Malaysia
Sumin Sie Malaysia Malaysia
Siem Qing Ho Malaysia Malaysia
Susannah Shipton United States of America (USA) United States
Wing Yi Ng Hong Kong Hong Kong
Lu Ying Yap Hong Kong Hong Kong
Chun Kit Lai Hong Kong Hong Kong
Charles Wong Hong Kong Hong Kong
Hiu Tung Law Hong Kong Hong Kong
Paul Young China China
单勇 China China
Jianya Liu China China
Wen Rong LI China China
Lim Zi Xuan Malaysia Malaysia
王建平 China China
Janice Law Canada Canada


*Participant data and listed names are not final, recent registrations or registrations from 3rd party sources may not be listed yet. For questions, please contact us