Help promote the Shangri-La Marathon!


Join the Affiliate Program and begin earning referral commissions today by helping to spread the word about the magic of running the Shangri-La Marathon through this one-of-a-kind marathon event. This program is ideal for runners, individuals, bloggers, businesses, communities, charities, or organizations that wish to promote this event. If that sounds like you then continue reading and get ready to join a great team at the Shangri-La Marathon!


As an Affiliate you can earn a commission for a referral. Affiliates will have a unique promotion code and link to share, this will give referrals a discount on the race registration and track referrals.

  • Earn $30.00 to $100.00 commissions per referral
  • Offer discount incentive to save $20.00 when registering!
  • Commissions paid in U.S. dollars

Complete qualification requirements and details are provided for approved Affiliates that have completed the sign up form below.


Our goal through the Affiliate Program is to increase awareness of Shangri-La Marathon to runners around the world. Reaching people around the world can be challenging. We understand with the help of third party running sites, blogs, businesses, communities, and networks that we can reach beyond our own  efforts.

This is not a big corporation, everything is done by volunteer support. This is a grassroots program to help tap into the world of runners and expose them to one of the most incredible and unique adventure marathons in the world by running the Shangri-La Marathon. As an Affiliate you can be a part of our team and promote the Shangri-La Marathon!



To make this mutually beneficial there are expectations on how Affiliates contribute. There are many ways to help, you don’t need to do everything, choose the tasks and activities that you feel most comfortable doing, the choice is yours. The level of effort you put into this is what you will get from the program. Affiliates will be given a unique promotion code and link to share and spread the word.


    Share information about the Shangri-La Marathon event. Share with friends, family, colleagues, runners, local running businesses and clubs, provide information about the incredible location and challenging Shangri-La Marathon, invite runners to learn more on the website and attend.


    Got a personal or business website, a blog? Include links or references to the Shangri-La Marathon on your website. Socially connected online? Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your favorite social media platform with information and links to the Shangri-La Marathon. We can even provide suggested ideas, but you are open to being creative and having fun here. We encourage frequent communication about your running goals and accomplishments that inspire runners.


    Distribute Shangri-La Marathon event materials in your local hometown, such as local sporting and running stores, local running clubs and meet ups, local marathon race events, etc. Optional if multiple Affiliates or Ambassadors work together at events, then additional volunteers can come work together and even setup a booth at race expos.


    Participate in our group discussions and surveys, as we strive to improve the event each year, help us with your insights and ideas.


    Above all else, when talking about the Shangri-La Marathon event, always be professional, positive, and courteous. You are representing this event and the brand. Answer runners questions and guide them to website to learn more. If you don’t know the answer to a question, that is okay, ask them to visit the website to learn more and use the contact page for additional information.


What’s the difference between the Ambassador Program and the Affiliate Program?

  • An Ambassador becomes a Shangri-La Marathon expert, they will promote the event, run the race, volunteer, plus they can earn Ambassador perks and referral commissions.
  • An Affiliate can earn a commission for each referral. Intended for people who want to promote the event, but may not be able to attend or volunteer.

The responsibilities of each program are similar, but the outcome is different. Choose the program that is best suited to you and your needs.

Like the sound of being a Shangri-La Marathon Affiliate?


We are sorry but per the China organizer, they are not accepting any affiliates for SHANGRI-LA Marathon.


Please note, Affiliates are not an employee, freelance, or contractor. We do not subsidize travel or training expenses or issue payment of any kind beyond the referral commission. Affiliates serve from April 17th to April 25th of the following year and are encouraged to reapply on future years.

Shangri-La Marathon reserves the right to remove any Affiliate from the team at any time due to poor conduct or sportsmanship, display of negative behaviors or promotions, fraud, or failure to perform duties. If Affiliate is removed they will forfeit any unpaid commissions that they qualified.