This weekend is one of the most incredible adventure races in the world is taking place, the SHANGRI-LA Marathon & Ultra on the eastern Himalayan mountains.  An event that was founded and created by four individuals who partnered up to bring runners around the world a once in a lifetime experience, a bucket list race.

This week we have been in complete and utter shock as we have learned from runners that the China organizers, after taking participants information and entry fees, are giving runners an extremely difficult time and not honoring their entry or asking them to pay more for hotels that was part of the entry they already paid. As the event was done last year it included bus transportation, lodging, meals, and entry, plus all the support during the race with several stations and resources. Now they completely changed the offering at the check-in and began to deny runners with complete disrespect and consideration of the travel and commitments the have made to get to and participate in the event.

For this, we sincerely apologize on behalf of them. We realize that Chinese can handle things a bit differently when compared to western cultures, but this is no excuse to disrespect and not honor people who are there and ready to participate in the event that is being organized. They should have taken care of everyone regardless of the circumstances.

To make it even worse, the China organizers are part family. The shame of knowing your family member, a leader in the Chinese community and at this event, is not doing the honorable thing by stepping up to correct the matter. We are deeply saddened and ashamed of what they have done and regret not being there to make things right. Our belief is to create amazing events for the runners, unfortunately this is what happens when allowing someone else to run the show. It is completely unfair to the participants and to the running world.

We know how amazing the location is and once the race has started, even with all the turmoil, the actual running of the course, experiencing the brutal 1000 meter climb to the peak and getting your first grand view of the majestic Meili Snow Mountains and Yubeng Valley will take your breath away, going to the sacred waterfall and running the amazing trails is incredible. Savor those moments while running the race, it is all worth it and the will change your life forever.

Until further notice, this event will be put on hold until it can be organized properly and give runners the best experience possible.




Shangri-La Marathon - The Lost Horizon

Saturday May 21th, 2016

Get ready for a great adventure, a challenging race, a rewarding journey in a magical land, register for the Shangri-La Marathon today and discover The Lost Horizon. Available races:

  • 100K Ultramarathon
  • 50K Ultramarathon
  • 42K Full Marathon
  • 21K Half Marathon

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