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At the end of October, after completing the Yunnan • Qiubei International Marathon, a team headed off to the mountains of Shangri-La on a journey to finalize the race details and courses.  It was an excellent and very productive trip. We finalized the each of the course maps, planned checkpoint stations, race camp setup, and took lots of photos and video footage.

We all came back in awe of how amazing this location is, the incredible beauty with breathtaking views, the diverse terrain and fantastic trails to run on. We didn’t want to leave and we are eager to go back and run it all over again, it was so much fun! Race participants are in for a real treat to run this challenging yet extremely fun course, the adventure and journey is well worth the trip!

Checkout the great course fly through video below along with a maps and photos. Also be sure to checkout the new Course page for full details. Register to run now before the entry fee increases on 1/1/2015!



The course route on the map contains three colors, light blue, blue, and orange. The light blue and blue sections combine to make a 42K Full Marathon loop. The orange section branches off at the end of the light blue section for the 50K and 100K Ultramarathon runners before continuing on the blue course.  21K Half Marathon runners will only run the light blue course doing a u-turn at the Lower Yubeng station and running back to the finish line. 100K runners will complete the 50K loop twice.  Be sure to check the Course page for full details including elevation profiles.


Here are a few photos giving a preview of the sights runners will experience while running the Shangri-La Marathon & Ultramarathon. While the photos are beautiful, they don’t do the course justice, you have to see these sights in person to experience the true magic. Note these photos were taken at the end of October, the Fall season, the race takes place in April and it will be Spring, the plants will be very green and lush with lots of flowers, more water in the rivers, and more snow on the mountain tops. It will be spectacular!


Don’t miss out on the Inaugural Shangri-La Marathon & Ultramarathon race. Join us in this one-of-a-kind adventure race featuring a very challenging yet rewarding course. The location is absolutely amazing with breathtaking views and sights.  Come discover The Lost Horizon and run the Shangri-La Marathon & Ultramarathon!

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Shangri-La Marathon - The Lost Horizon

Saturday May 21th, 2016

Get ready for a great adventure, a challenging race, a rewarding journey in a magical land, register for the Shangri-La Marathon today and discover The Lost Horizon. Available races:

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  • 50K Ultramarathon
  • 42K Full Marathon
  • 21K Half Marathon

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